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What You Will Get

Digital ecosystem FTCoin is managed by smart contracts, created on blockchain platform Ethereum which allows owners of tokens FTT and cryptocurrency FT:

  • Protect and save your crypto capital investments from sharp price changes in crypto currencies market rally
  • Build an optimal investment portfolio including high-yield, but volatile digital crypto currencies and stable fiat currencies, shares and other trading instruments
  • Make instantaneous short-term and long-term investment from anywhere in the world
  • Have guaranteed and stable income not less then 12% during all terms of investment
  • Exchange, buy and sell tokens FTT and cryptocurrency FT

About Us

We are the leading company in the automated trading and investments.

We have developed the unique trading system which allows the investors have the stable income on various trading markets with various trading instruments.

We are providing the investment solutions, trading and business software development, teaching and consulting.




Since 2015, we have been empowering businesses

We are responsible for over $1 million investments in many countries and with more than 30 employees globally



Investments $


Income $

Profit %

Our Team

What We Offer

What We Offer

Initial FTT token Offering

  • Price of 1 token – 10$ (in ETH)
  • Total amount of tokens – 5 000 000


  • PreSale – +10% of bonus tokens
  • 1st day – +5% of bonus tokens
  • 2nd-7th days – +4% of bonus tokens
  • 2nd week – +3% of bonus tokens
  • 3rd week – +2% of bonus tokens
  • 4th week – +1% of bonus tokens
  • 5th week – 0% of bonus tokens
What We Will Do
Investment and Development

What We Will Do

ICO funds will be invested in:

  1. 90% of funds will be invested in active business processes for immediately fulfillment of the obligations to ensure declared yield of not less than 12% in USD for the whole 100% of tokens FTT bought by investors
  2. 10% of funds will be invested in:
    • Developing business object component architecture, technical and technological solutions of the ecosystem
    • Developing a decentralized trading system solutions based on Trading System of Kasparov P.G.
    • Developing the smart contracts and software solutions
    • Launching a school, training, team building
    • Organizational, legal, financial issues
    • Marketing and PR

Get Started

Want to build The Decentralized Digital Ecosystem FTCoin with us
and save your crypto capital?
Join and get FTT tokens for your future right away!

ICO begins on the September, 10, 2017 at 03.00 p.m. UTC and continues till the March, 18, 2018